An Easier Way To Bill

AIA-Style Billing

Filling out the AIA documents G702 and G703 can be a real challenge. But as a commercial general contractor or subcontractor, getting paid is essential, so you push through the tedious task of completing the payment application forms, even if it means spending hours on administrative work instead of focusing on more important things like growing your business.

Imagine if there was a software package that made filling out AIA billing forms a breeze. Werx can handle all the reconciliations for you, including consolidating change orders requested by the GC?

AIA Billing

Quickly & easily create AIA-style pay applications

Keep track of your change orders

Easily track and bill your ratainage

Pay Apps Made Simple

Process AIA Billing In No Time

With Werx, you can finish your payment applications in no time at all. Simply enter the percentage of completion or dollar value of billing period by line item. Include the dollar value of stored materials, and Werx takes care of everything else, including retainage. Use Werx’s advanced change order management tools, including e-signature, to handle all reconciliations for you, guaranteeing accurate billing the first time. Save valuable time and focus on running a more efficient and profitable business.
AIA Billing

Avoid Dealing with Paper

Save Time with Electronic AIA Invoicing

Once the application for payment is complete, you can email it to your client through Werx.  Get paid quicker with online payments processed through Stripe.

AIA Billing

What our contractors are saying about AIA Billing…

AIA Billing

Hold out & bill retainage throughout the project

Track Your Retainage With Ease

Werx will track retainage throughout the job, even if the percentage retained changes midway. You can bill existing retainage in any pay application during the project. Once the job is complete, you can either include the retainage in the final application for payment or invoice it separately in its own invoice.

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