Utilize Time & Material Projects for your Flexible Price jobs

Time & Material Projects
Time & Material Projects

Maximizing Efficiency With Time & Material Projects

Time & Material Projects

Create Billable Items as Needed

Time and Materials projects provide flexibility to add billable items as necessary during the project duration.

Add Long form descriptions

Add clarity by including detailed descriptions for each item of your Time & Material Project.

Invoice for completed items

Increase cash flow by invoicing for completed work through the project.

Easy Invoices

Generate invoices for your clients, including relevant attachments, to facilitate seamless online payments.

Time & Material Projects
Time & Material Projects

Simple Customer Payments With Stripe

Get Paid Faster! Include a payment link with any invoice, allowing your customers to pay online in just minutes.

Create a budget and Track your costs.

Time & Material Projects

Create a budget for job phases

Easily create material, labor, equipment, and subcontractor budgets for all parts of your job.

Track Costs Against Your Budget

Apply all costs to your projects and budget items for an accurate and current view of your project profitability.

Up to the Minute Labor Costs

Using Werx Time Tracking, get a real-time overview of your labor costs across all phases of your project.

Track Labor Hours

Utilize Werx Time Tracking as a means to oversee the labor hours for your projects. With this tool, you can access real-time employee data regarding their working hours, overtime, and double time spent on your projects.

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