Contract Projects

For your long run, Fixed Price jobs.

Set up your contract Schedule of Values for progress Billing

Contract Projects
Progress billing is a payment method in construction projects where contractors send periodic invoices based on the percentage of work completed. It allows for payment to be made as the project progresses and helps monitor project progress.

Easily set up your Schedule of Values

Generate items that will be invoiced based on the percentage of completion at various intervals in your billing schedule.

Billing Retainage

Set up a percentage of the contract price to be released upon completion of the project or a specified milestone.

Import details from Estimates

Along with project details, import items from your estimates into your schedule of values

Progress & AIA Pay Applications

We offer flexible invoice formats that cater to your requirements. You can choose between our clean and simple progress invoice or a more conventional AIA pay application to send to your clients. Our aim is to provide you with customizable options that can adapt to your preferences.

Progress Invoices

Send your Clients an simple, clean, and easy to understand progress invoice.

AIA Invoices

Incorporate the AIA (American Institute of Architects) standardized format when generating your invoices.

Contract Projects

Simple Customer Payments With Stripe

Get Paid Faster! Include a payment link with any invoice, allowing your customers to pay online in just minutes.

Track Changes

In a fixed-price contract project, tracking changes to the project scope is crucial. Werx’s three-step process facilitates this task from the field to your next pay application.

Extra Work Authorization

Users in the field can use the Werx Field App to log work requested by the client that falls outside the scope of the original contract.
Direction Arrows
Step 01

Change Order Request

Once the EWA is approved in the field, add pricing and additional details and send to your client requesting them to approve or send their own Change Order.
Direction Arrows
Step 02

Client Change Order

Log client Change Orders is and apply them to your schedule of values to be billed on future pay applications.
Step 03

Create a budget and Track your costs.

Contract Projects

Create a budget for job phases

Easily create material, labor, equipment, and subcontractor budgets for all parts of your job.

Track Costs Against Your Budget

Apply all costs to your projects and budget items for an accurate and current view of your project profitability.

Up to the Minute Labor Costs

Using Werx Time Tracking, get a real-time overview of your labor costs across all phases of your project.

Track Labor Hours

Utilize Werx Time Tracking as a means to oversee the labor hours for your projects. With this tool, you can access real-time employee data regarding their working hours, overtime, and double time spent on your projects.

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