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Werx provides a bi-directional, real-time synchronization feature with QuickBooks Online. By connecting your QuickBooks account to Werx, we handle all the necessary processes effortlessly.

QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks Integration

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Entering data twice can be tedious and hampers efficiency, but it’s crucial to ensure that your accounting software remains in sync with the rest of your business operations. After all, you aim to align your financial reporting, operational reporting, profit and loss statements, and expenses. With Werx’s top-tier QuickBooks integration, your construction software will always maintain a seamless connection with your accounting software. This ensures that everyone in your organization, whether it’s the bookkeeper, office manager, project manager, or owner, is always on the same page. Furthermore, if you use Intuit for payroll processing, our system allows you to effortlessly track time, approve timecards in Werx, and seamlessly transfer the data into QuickBooks for easy payroll management.

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