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Werx is the ideal software for contractors and project managers who want to feel more organized and in control of their time. It’s an online time-tracking tool that makes it easy to track your hours, create invoices, and manage your projects. Plus, it integrates with QuickBooks, so you can manage your finances in one place.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your time-tracking process and make things easier on yourself, Werx is the answer. You can add employees, assign them to projects, track their hours worked, edit timesheets, approve timesheets, and run payroll reports with just a few clicks. There’s no need for costly training or support – Werx is simple to use and easy to learn.

Werx is Simple and Straightforward.

You can start using it immediately without reading a manual or taking a tutorial.

There is no need for special equipment, just an internet connection, and any web browser will do.

You can use it from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Time Tracking Overview

The time-tracking Dashboard offers a comprehensive look at your time-tracking data, which helps to monitor employee hours, approve time off, and identify patterns. The table includes the following:

  • List of employees
  • Groups
  • Recorded Hours
  • Overtime
  • Sick time
  • PTO
  • Total Hours
  • Approval status

The date range selector at the top of the page allows you to view data for a specific week, pay period, or custom range. There are also several filters that can be applied to the table. Finally, get your reports easily by clicking the “Reports” button.

Track Individual Employee Hours worked on each project.

The “Time Sheet” page allows you to view and edit individual employee time sheets. To access an employee’s time sheet, click on their name in the table on the Dashboard page.

You can see all the entries from the timesheet page for that employee. You can filter by date and project. A contractor or manager can add, edit, and delete time entries.

Timekeeping with Werx is an easy and efficient way to manage employee hours. Our timesheet feature lets you quickly view and edit individual employee time sheets. This allows you to keep track of hours worked on each project and makes it easier to manage your workforce.

Edit Timesheets as Needed

If an employee worked extra hours one week or took vacation the next, you can easily edit their timesheet to ensure they’re being paid correctly. Simply click on “add time” on the top right-hand side of the screen, select the employee, select the project from the dropdown, select date, time in or time out or add a duration, add a task note and head and hit save. Their new hours will be added to their total for the week.

You can also view the history of changes made to an employee’s timesheet by clicking on the “History” tab. This can be helpful if there is ever any dispute about hours worked.

Approve Timesheets

Once all the employees’ timesheets have been filled out and edited as needed, the manager can approve them by clicking the “Approve” button.

Download the Timesheet

Down the road, if employees need to view or print their timesheets for any reason, they can do so by clicking on the “Reports” button.

Send Timesheets

After approving the timesheets, the manager can send them off to be processed by clicking on the “Send” button. This will trigger an email to the employee with a link to their timesheet.

Timekeeping doesn’t have to be a pain. With Werx, it can be easy and stress-free. Try it today!

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