Benefits of Using a Timekeeping Software for Construction Project Management


by Werx

One of the difficult things construction companies face is managing labor on large projects. It’s also one of the most significant causes of construction project failures. Any company can promise to deliver a certain number of resources, but there’s no guarantee all those resources will be used effectively and that they’ll complete their assigned tasks within the allotted time frame. You may end up with leftover man-hours or even overspending your budget because you didn’t anticipate delays and resource shortages early enough in the process.

The solution? Implement timekeeping software. This technology uses advanced algorithms and scheduling tools to help track employee hours, improve workflow processes and predict labor shortages.

The most popular timekeeping software solutions are typically cloud-based, which means they’re cost-effective and easily accessible from any Internet-connected device. This makes them an ideal choice for construction managers looking to streamline processes, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

If you’re curious about how timekeeping software can benefit your organization, check out the following six ways it can help you run your construction projects better:

Streamline Work Processes Throughout Your Company 

Timekeeping software is typically designed with multiple users in mind. These tools offer real-time reporting capabilities and customizable workflows that make it easier for companies to manage their project workloads and workflow processes efficiently and effectively across departments, teams, and even entire companies.

While streamlining processes is a major benefit, some timekeeping software tools offer additional workflow management solutions, such as task delegation and automated task reminders. These features can help ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget.

Plan Labor Requirements For Your Projects 

The success of any construction project hinges on the planning stages. If you haven’t created clear goals for your company or established a schedule with milestones and deadlines to keep your team members on track, it’s going to be difficult to complete tasks in a timely manner once the work begins.

Timekeeping software helps construction managers overcome this obstacle by allowing them to schedule workloads more effectively. These tools typically feature Gantt charts that show you exactly what needs to be accomplished and when, as well as which resources need to complete each task. They also have built-in reporting capabilities that provide real-time data on resource allocation and task progress rates. This gives project leaders a level of oversight they wouldn’t otherwise have with a regular scheduling spreadsheet or calendar app. And because timekeeping software is cloud-based, managers can access all this essential information from any Internet connection without having to install bulky software onto their computers.

Real-Time Labor Tracking And Data Analysis 

Another major benefit of timekeeping software is its real-time labor tracking capabilities. If you’re not utilizing this type of technology, the chances are that your employees have to log their hours manually after each shift. This method can be tedious and inaccurate. With timekeeping software, every task gets tracked automatically as it’s being worked on by the assigned resource. You’ll begin to accumulate a large amount of essential data in very little time – which you can then use to make important decisions about your company’s future.

For example, you can analyze how much work has been completed over a certain period and compare that with the number of hours logged by employees or teams within that timeframe. You can also identify areas where labor shortages or surpluses may exist. It’s also possible to see how many hours have been worked by project, department, team, and individual employees across your entire company. This helps construction managers make more accurate labor scheduling decisions for their projects moving forward.

Improves Communication And Transparency With Your Employees

 Traditionally, companies that relied on handwritten or spreadsheet-based time tracking were at a great disadvantage when it came to staying organized. They only had access to a little data about what was going on with their projects and were forced to weed through this data manually in order to generate useful insights. However, if the same people who logged those hours were also responsible for analyzing them later down the line, they would have already known what to look for.

This is where timekeeping software shines. It allows companies to communicate with their employees more efficiently by keeping everyone in the loop about project progress and eliminating any confusion. For example, if you’re renovating a new wing on your office building, construction managers can use these tools to share detailed information about tasks that need to be completed during that process. They can even upload photos straight from the job site, so all team members are aware of current conditions. By making the entire workflow visible at all times, you can make it easier for everyone involved to contribute towards the successful completion of projects, both large and small.

Cut Costs And Avoid Regulatory Violations 

Streamlining processes with construction management software can help managers save time and money by reducing errors. For example, businesses now have the ability to monitor how many hours are spent on each task by individual employees. If you notice that one of your team members isn’t pulling their weight, then you can address that issue quickly before it becomes a major problem. You may also choose to work with your employees to find ways they can improve productivity without working longer hours (i.e., fixing faulty equipment, training new recruits).

Employees will also know exactly what’s expected of them each day because they’ll be able to view project-related tasks through the software’s online interface or mobile app. This ensures everyone is using company time efficiently and doesn’t fall victim to regulatory violations like sleeping on the job or watching Netflix all day.

 Make Your Business More Attractive To Investors 

Finally, there’s no denying that one of the huge benefits of using construction management software for your business is that it can help you attract investors. The technology companies with strong digital solutions are “increasingly sought after by investors who see them as growth opportunities.” As a result, they are more likely to invest more capital in database-related start-ups than other types of businesses do.

If you want to money for expansion or upgrade your facilities, then you need to have an online presence. It can’t just be a website anymore – it has to be interactive and attractive, so investors know they’re investing in the right industry and providing value to consumers.


Without timekeeping software, you would have to go through each page of a spreadsheet or notebook (which might even be handwritten) in order to see how many hours were worked by each person on your team. This takes up too much time and can lead to costly mistakes that could negatively affect the bottom line. What’s more, construction managers now have access to data about their company 24/7 – which means they can make informed decisions at any hour of the day or night if necessary.

While there are several benefits afforded by construction management software, it’s important not to overestimate its capabilities. It won’t allow you to manage every aspect of project completion on its own; you need to rely on a dedicated team of construction professionals, too.

Now that you understand what timekeeping software can do for your company, it’s time to discover the benefits of WERX construction project management software. Start a free Trail. For any queries, Contact us today!


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